Reinstate The 25 Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption Petition

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if you sign or not it will never change,and everyone is entitled to their own opinion
The reasoning....

Most working people are being priced out of classic cars, and this would help keep our hobby alive with the less well off.

Seriously, how much is road tax compared to even a modest Classic Car?

Say you choose a cheap car like a 1989 BMW E30 325i for say £3k, how much is it to tax that?
and thanks for sharing :))

My car is a classic, and it is only five years old. ;)

Why is it some cars are classics sooner and some later? Who gets to decide what becomes a classic when?

As for someone commenting about petitions not working, millions of people petitioned the government when they wanted to fit boxes in ALL road vehicles and charge us per mile for using the public highway, and we won.
typically for mercedes from classic insurance a car be classic once shape change, others min 10 years, for best premiums is for over 20 year old cars

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