Remap for stock CLK500 2007

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Feb 16, 2014

I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

I am interested in getting my stock CLK500 (388 ps) remapped. I have looked at the infinite internet sites and they basically fall into 2 categories. One group claims a conservative/realistic 12-15HP increase to 402-ish HP. And another group claims 20-25HP (including DMS surprisingly) which brings the total to 412-ish HP.

Only a handful of people actually have a dyno to baseline the car and look at the increase and even fewer people mention the TCU i.e. making changes to the gearbox brain as well.

Please help as I am interest in:
1. achieving 400+ bhp! (it is all an idea !!! )
2. Making the car more progressive both in terms of reaction from the gearbox and removing the restrictions in the delivery.

Can you please give me some pointers.
I am considering:
1. Simon at Emaps
2. DMS in Southampton
3. GAD Tuning

I know they all have base maps from somewhere OUT there. But who is actually capable of fine tuning and also restoring the map in a years time if it gets wiped by the dealer?

Economy is not a consideration. The car is now 7 years old so out of warranty. Car has 29K miles.

I thank you in advance. exciting times!

And welcome to the forum.

The power gains will be from 15 bhp to 20 bhp. With who ever you go with make sure they have a dyno to get a base figure.
Dms are very good also you should look at a Eurocharged map.


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