Remap w203 220 cdi 2005

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Nov 27, 2016
Mons Belgium
C220 CDI
My EGR valve is sticking again, put me into limp mode the other day, the damn thing. So I thought I cant be ****d to clean it again get the thing deleted. I happen to know a good Tech who has already done my Fiat Ducato based motohome to great success. So, methinks Fk it, might as well go the whole hog, she is at 140 hp atm reckon I should get a 30% increase as I did with the Hymer.
Any pitfalls or advice, things to bear in mind? There is a c220 150hp model as standard too. Dont intend to be a boy racer, but the Hymer engine loved it, runs so much sweeter and no more labouring up hills at 3.5 tons

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