Remove engine coolant with help of auxiliary coolant pump M103 engine >how <


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Dec 29, 2013
Kidderminster Worcestershire UK
Mercedes W124 260E M103
As above i have read this on a furum . Any one know how to go about it ? . I know to do this, that the auxiliary coolant pump must be wired to 12 volts to run after removingh the plug. So it can be used without the engine or key on ...Thing i dont know is what do i disconect next so all the old coolent can escape .. Reason is i cant get the block drain tap to open up .And its been like this for years ..But the manifold will be coming off soon to replace manifold studs and nuts ,, and once its off i can get the drain tap working again . But for now i need to get the old coolant out so i can fill up with 50/50 antifreeze after pump was replaced . Regards and thanks for looking ..

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