Remove Gangsta Drug Dealer Tints!!

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Jul 21, 2008
BMW e39 540i 4.4 V8
Hey Guys and Girls..

Really want to remove my drug dealer tints.. first thing that everyone says whenever they see the car and I hate it!!

Dont even think they look that good to be honest.. its an extremely professional job and I expect it would have cost someone alot of money to fit but I want to remove them.. You cant see in the back window or the rear side windows at all.. they are full limo tint, and the front sides are pretty dark as you can only see through them close up.

Now.. I'm aware, because I've tried removing tints from a different car, that the tint film is two layers, one film and one a horrible, extremely hard to remove glue, and the trick is to try and remove both layers at the same time otherwise I'm there for hours with a razor blade scraping the glass!

Are they any How To's, Help or Guides to remove them please.. Dieselman did tell me when we were looking over my car at the Torquay GTG but I have forgotten already!


Use Lorries hairdryer, then a solvent on the adhesive residue. The rear window heating elements may be a problem so either replace the screen or be ultra careful.
Why don't you bring the car to a window tinters? They will know how to take them off quickly and probaby cheaply. Apparently they do it all the time for MOTs then reapply afterwards.
Why don't you bring the car to a window tinters? They will know how to take them off quickly and probaby cheaply. Apparently they do it all the time for MOTs then reapply afterwards.

Didnt actually think of that.. I only know of one locally, so I shall call them at lunch time.. :D

I'm just worried about having horrible glue on my glass and damaging the rear demister strips..
are you sure you want to take it off...
Tint is so sweet, i think it sets off the cars...

your personal choice but aww i love a good tint...

Yes, I'm sure I hate them.. where ever I go, anyone that see's my car or see's me out driving says its a drug dealer car!! I dont want that kind of image.

They are ridiculously dark and I have no doubt that they are sure to fail a MOT.. and the last thing I want is to be pulled over by the Police and have them tell me to rip them off on the spot or they'll give me points and a fine..

Plus.. I dont think that my black tints look particularly good on my car.. Mercedes glass is tinted from factory fit.. :)
Well, just spoken to Cornwall Auto Tint.. they say that there no way to remove the rear window tint without causing damage to the demister strips.. (In the UK)

In the USA there chemical laws are more relaxed and they have a liquid ammonia in a spray bottle that they put on the tint and then you have to leave the car in direct sunlight for an hour.. (We dont ever get an hour continuous sunlight here either!)

He basically recommended that I was to swap out all of the glass for new glass... or spend hours, days.. weeks.. scraping glue of the window.. but I would end up damaging the glass by scratching it..
Why don't you just pop down to Homebase and buy some ammonia and a spray bottle ?

Or alternatively , if the back window was to get broken by some youths , it would be unfortunate but handy , no ?

Glue on glass is easy to get off , buy yourself a tin of acetone and a paint scraper , job done .... you'd have to be pretty ham-fisted to scratch the glass.
Find someone who wants tints and swap all the glass! :D

If you've got a good quality tint im sure it would be cheaper for someone with the skills to have your glass rather than buying new tints?
As an alternative you could go for the van look and just remove the tint from the front windows. That way you don't damage the heater elements and your car looks 'less' drug dealerish...

Sounds like your tint is too dark to pull it off properly though...
Do they actually check tints on an MOT test?

Nope.. Cornwall Auto Tint told me that they arent checked.. because they dont have a light meter.. so its not a legal requirement..

But.. the Police and VOSA do..

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