Removed battery to recharge. Got error message.

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Mar 6, 2005
I have W211 for quite a few years. I had extended warranty before so I didnt care about little stuff like batteries :)

Now I had my battery died so I decided to recharge it while I am looking for decently priced new one. So I disconnected it, recharged and put it back.

I believe I did everything as the manual says.

However after the operation I got error message saying that I missed some service by 2500 days or so...

I understand that some kind of memory chip keeps the information on services to prevent fraud with the service history.. The everything else seems to be working fine..

Should I worry?
I had this on a 210 recently. It re-set the service indicator when the battery was disconnected. Strange too AP.
Hope thats the only problem... I read something about an expensive electronic unit can be blown if you disconnect/reconnect battery badly...
Similar thing happened to me with my dead battery the other day - I lost 10k off the odometer! Now some people would kill to do that but it's just had it's MOT so of course the mileage is well off now!!
oops! going to check mine :eek:

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