Removing headliner from sliding sunroof ('93 W124 coupe)

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Dec 18, 2007
I'm attempting to remove the headliner from the underside of the sunroof. So far, I've found two guides:

W124 Headliner Replacement Photos - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

"First step is to open the sunroof half-way. Then carefully tug downward on the front edge of the inner-panel of the sunroof (don't pull carelessly and bend it), there are four "christmas tree" clips holding it to the sunroof steel panel.

Once un-clipped, you can slide the inner panel forward. Open the sunroof the rest of the way, slide the inner panel forward until you can slide it up and out of the opening." CD/W124/w124CD2/Program/Chassis/77-050.pdf

"Unclip sun roof heading at fron with sun roof 3/4 open (4 clips)"
but for the life of me I can't see how the clips come undone. The liner is stiff steel; even if I pull down hard on the front edge as instructed, nothing happens. I've tried putting a flat-bladed screwdriver beside the clips and twisting, but they don't budge.

I don't even understand how it would work, anyway; the liner is prevented from moving downwards by the lip of the sunroof aperture on either side.

Any ideas?
From what i can read is that the clips open up on each other .They [clips ] must press together ,like top inside the bottom . Not very clear in my workshop manual .
Sitting inside the car looking up you will have to lever the sunroof lining down from sunroof panel , do it with a plastic pry. And you should find 6 clips along the front .Spring all six open Then the panel will come out as you twist it and bow it in the middle. You can damage it , so take your time ,damage it and you will need to replace it with a new one Had this from Kent Mercedessource on youtube. .
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, you really do just have to yank it down. Open the sunroof 6", and sitting on one of the seats place your hands about 5" apart, wrap your fingers up and over and give it a sharp tug downwards and the middle two clips should unclip. Move your hand outwards a bit, so they're a couple of inches in from the outer edges, and do the same, and the outer two clips should unclip (there are 4 in all, not 6).

(Try not to bend the liner while doing this; it's got a fairly flimsy steel frame that you should be able to bend back in shape if you're careful enough.)

Drag the liner by hand towards the front of the car, then open the sunroof fully, and remove the liner up and out of the sunroof aperture.
LoveMercs your right, and it was a slip of the hand .There are only 4 clips .I only watched Kent doing one on his Mercedessource video channel I wont open my sun roof up till the summer comes and the warmer weather . In case i have problems , this sun roof has never had a service in 28 years . So it a long time over due .
I normally slide the trim panel out through the top once the front fasteners have been popped; saves any risk of creasing / dirtying the headliner.

Don't know if I've just been lucky in the ones which I've done (a W124 and a W201) but just feeling for the fasteners and prying them with a dirty great screwdriver was enough to pop them without damage.

BTW I worked out how to replace those pesky, easily broken sunroof runners without yanking out the whole headlining:
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