Removing Reserved Area From Old HDD

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Nov 13, 2008
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Have today uninstalled the old HDD from a friend's PC, it was/is 500GB previously partitioned about 150GB primary C drive and 350GB Data secondary HDD. After installing the new SSD and transferring the Data drive contents to the newly installed 1Tb HDD I deleted the old partitions on the 500Gb HDD but am left with a partition in the middle which, according to Windows 10 disk management, is a system recovery area, and when in disc management I right click on it, instead of options to delete it etc, all I get is "Help" which takes me to effectivly Google Search! How the **** do I get rid of this so I can make the drive a single 500Gb partition, re-format it and use it as the drive Windows 10 uses for backups? Fortunately the PC now boots happily from the new SSD and his data is available on the new E drive partition (DVD drive is D!) so all that part of the upgrade has worked well, I just need to get rid of this annoying section in the middle of his old HDD! ATM it is still in his PC, but if necessary it's easily removed and installed into my USB docking station, which we used to clone his old C drive (via Macrium) to the new SSD before installing it.
Use a third party partition manager (not the Windows' built-in one).
Or use windows command line utility diskpart

I started my career with CLI.... GUI came-in much much later :D
CPM for the win :D

Ha ha... CP/M... yes, good old Intel 8088.

Also... IBM 360/370... Fortran, Cobol, Algol... punchcards and teletypes....

And, Mostek 64k with 8" floppies - a marvel of technology!..

It's all coming back to me now:D
thanks gentlemen, I'll let you know how I get on - the built in Windows Disk Management was useless, but it may be a few days before I can try my luck again on Julian's PC!
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