Removing the sub-frame and the diff?

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Jul 26, 2021
CLS 250
My control arm bushing replacement was a great success, the car is much better. Some people would leave it like that - after all, I've made a big improvement, I should be happy - but not me. All I can think of is how much better it might be if I changed everything else... And yes, I know this is foolish.

I've noticed that the subframe bushings are large, and the interface is rubber to metal rather than metal to metal so in theory they should pop out and in more easily than the metal to metal ones. But. I think dropping the sub frame means dropping the diff, and doing this at the same time as all the arms means removing the driveshafts - so now I have a question:

On these cars (2013 X218) will the driveshafts fall out of the diff and spill oil everywhere leaving me having to clean everything up and fit seals etc? Or are they well behaved? On my last car there was a flange on the transmission to which the shafts bolted so no oil spilled, but I believe this is uncommon.

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