Repair times - spark plugs

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Sep 5, 2003
Charlwood, Surrey
Does anybody have access to dealer repair times - I have a problem with the local dealer charging me 3.7 hours for replacing my spark plugs (which were due a change) when they already had the ignition coil modules off as part of a diagnosis protocol (for a misfire) that was under warranty. I think I should pay only for the hour or so it took to remove and replace the plugs.

The actual fault was the ignition control module which was replaced under warranty.

The car is a CL600 - 24 plugs, perhaps I deserve to be conned!
Can I have your first six numbers of the chassis number please.
Its either 3.2 hours or 4.

I have just looked it up.
Thanks for the quick response.

Is that from opening the bonnet to closing it or just unscrewing the plugs and screwing them back in.

3 mins per plug would be 1.2 hours.
4 hours is 10 mins per plug.
Sorry, vin starts WDB215378

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