Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/55r18

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Aug 12, 2006
S350 CDI 2010
Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/45r18

Hello there,
I'm looking for the best price for a replacement tyre. At the moment they're all Continental Contact 5. They're from Mercedes to I take it they're runflats. I'm in Southampton so looking for the best price replacement... fitted if possible

I can see a few online for £118 like here

But don't know if thats the best/right one especially as it says SUV on it.

sorry its 255/45r18 103 Y XL

just went and checked
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If it's for 1 tyre are you replacing because of damage to 1 tyre?
I recently had front & rear nearside wheels refurbished due to kerb damage and needed to replace the tyres also as they had gouges in the side walls.
The car had done about 20k miles so the offside tyres had about 4 or 5mm tread left,
To match the tread depth I bought part worn tyres on ebay and had the refurbishing guys fit them.
The tyre dealer I used to use when I lived near Southampton was Flinstone Tyres just outside of Park Gate (SO31 1FQ) on the A3051. Not sure if they are still competitive.
When I bought tyres a few months back I shopped around and , at that time , Halfords autocentre were the cheapest by some margin for a set of four new MO Contis for my SL .

I would comment that , unless you have suffered a puncture or similar , and the other tyre on that axle is very new , it is always best to replace tyres in pairs : having a significant difference in tread depth from one side to another can affect stability in wet weather and can be downright dangerous if braking hard in wet conditions .

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