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Feb 22, 2024
E300 bluetec diesel hybrid
I just got my w212 hybrid back from the body shop. I noticed a message saying REPLACE KEY nothing else. I guessed it was the fob battery so I replaced that twice and the message is still there. The key works fine I don't have a start button just put the key in turn it and go. Any ideas how to get rid of the message or is it actually telling me to change the fob.
Are you sure that this isn't a scrolling message that says "REPLACE KEY BATTERY"?

Also, are you using CR2025 or CR2032 batteries?
Hi Thanks for the prompt reply.

The message doesn't scroll . I am usingCR2025 as that's what it says in the manual. I've tried an energiser lithium and a Varta. Both were newly purchased and had readings of over 3 volts.
Maybe not much help....but this was posted a while back.


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