Replacement Windscreen

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Apr 7, 2023
2005 S320CDi
Hi folks.
I have a fairly low spec 2005 W220 S320 CDI in pretty excellent condition. I keep it well. 104k.
There’s a sizeable chip in the windscreen right in the driver’s eyeline and I’m thinking of getting the windscreen replaced under insurance as I tried to get the chip repaired but it wasn’t successful.
Question is: does this screen have any kind os sensors (sunlight for the climate control) or anything else I should know about and specify to the insurance company before I put a claim in as I do not want anything other than OE in my car.
Thank you in advance.
Probably just a rain sensor for the wipers for a 2005. If you specify that you want an original MB screen then you should get the same as originally fitted. You may have to pay a bigger excess.

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