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Jul 20, 2016
S63 AMG Coupe, Range Rover Sport, 992 Porsche Carrera 4S
I must say, this is the best site I am on. People answer questions almost by return & it seems friendly:rolleyes:
I am also on a Porsche site (pretty good) & Range Rover Sport site which is not too bad)
However, I joined, site for full size Range Rovers as I am considering changing the Sport to a Range Rover Autobiography, P400e & was asking for advice on problems, good, bad, indifferent. Most of the time it would be driven less than 10 miles a day & thought I could probably get away with using leccy for most of the time. I know, I could probably get a Fiat 500 or equivalent for this, but nah, I would rather get the bus. Must be petrol.
Anyhow, put in my question 4 day's ago. Not a cheep. Looked back on other posts & people have been waiting since January for an answer. What a waste of time that site is.
Must be terrific being so good at English, or did you use a spellcheck
You can probably even tie your own shoelaces
He’s just pointing out what it should be.

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