resetting service indicator

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Sep 4, 2011
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E220 CDI 2008, E220d 2019
Hi all.
Service just done by dealer, made my pocket considerably lighter, the dash still says 'service overdue by 116 km. I tried the procedure I found in YouTube (key pos1, temp, push reset 3 times , etc etc) but service cannot be confirmed or cancelled although I can navigate that hidden menu. Is there a reason, say like something omitted during the service..and can this be serious? Dealer said they could not reset it and should bring the car in again for an online session with Deutschland!

thanks for your time
never had this problem before car is facelift w211E220
ok fiddled a bit more with the cluster with help from posts in the forum and reset it. :D thx
Any pointers as to how you did it?
if you search this forum or google assyst".
Specifics depend on model and year.
I just thought that as you had just done this for your E220 CDI 2008 it might benefit others with the same model if you were to detail it here..
Latest Guide to Resetting the Service Indicator - most models - Forums

this is a hyperlink to a comprehensive guide in PDF format but using this did not work at first. it is for USA cars after all.
Then I just tried again with doors open and closed, did some more key presses which i cannot recall precicely and voila.done.
To be honest I found a thread in here whch also mentioned cancelling additional work so I did that. Probably that did it. There u go!
one more thing... I believe I also confirmed a service 13 which is an oil service (probably) and I then probably cancelled it...go figure. Don't try this at home!!!

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