Resetting SRS error

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May 21, 2003
Over the weekend while solidering the upper facelift controls on my dash I managed to stupidly let 2 of them touch which resulted in fusing one of the fuses. :wallbash:

Aswell as the fuse blowing the STS error appeared, I have replaced the fuse which fixed all of the problems accept the SRS fault.

Is this simply a case of going to my indy to reset the fault on STAR?
I think so yes... There is a guy in milton who can reset it, he did mine for £20 before... He is in the industrial next to c&r tyres. Tell him Aidan with the cl55 amg sent you if you go!
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There is a slip possibility that you have shorted the control unit.

Remember always disconnect the battery.

There is a slip possibility that you have shorted the control unit.

Remember always disconnect the battery.

2 of the wires were brown, so the only way I could figure out what went to what was to connect the battery...

How much is a new Control unit? :doh: :wallbash:
How much will an indi charge to reset the airbag lights vs. how much is a DIY fault code reader that can also reset such lights? Might be a worthwhile investment.
Spoke to my indy who cant fit me in for the best part of a week, reckons they can fix themselves from time to time.

I will leave it until next week, he will only charge me peanuts to do it.

fingers crossed I havent bust it for good! in the meanwhile have I lost all 6 airbags?

Good idea about investing in a fault reader
AB control units are £400 iirc.

Don't bother with a code reader. Most aftermarket ones won't do srs. Most aftermarket readers don't pull all the codes either.

Remember. The code is not all the info that you may need.
I hear what you're saying BlackC55 - but are MB diagnostics very different to other OEM?

From my experience of other marques:

£10 reader will read basic fault codes, reset some but not SRS
£50 reader will read most codes, reset all those including SRS
£200 reader will read all codes plus other tools

The £50 reader seems a sensible purchase to me and pays for itself on the first use.
Yes they are. Most others that I've use are poor compared to the Star.
Car Soft is pretty good.
I was given one of those £50 eBay readers and it won't clear the srs light on my merc. Is good with engine management codes though.
The Autel MaxiDiag EU702 will read and reset MB-specific codes e.g. SRS/Airbags, ABS/ESP, etc, in addition to the standard engine/transmission OBDII codes, but obviously it isn't MB STAR. Also it was never updated so still sold with software that only recognises MB cars built before 2008. But I am happy with it, it both read and cleared my SRS faults at the time (until olly finally fixed the problem). It costs £150-£200.
I have an Autel 804, super bit of kit and does SRS lights even on my 2013 E Class

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