Respraying for a dummy....

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Jan 16, 2003
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I appreciate that if, for whatever reason, one wished to change the colour of a car, e.g., green to black, the existing paintwork would have to stripped off completely.

Would that still be the case if one wished to change the shade of an existing colour, e.g. signal red to pajett red?

And what if one wished to go from flat to metallic?

TIA, David.
It's not necessary to strip the existing paint if it's in good condition whether you are changing colour or even going to metallic. Flatting down is all that is required then a primer coat. If the paint is of unknown origin then a painter may apply a barrier coat to isolate it from the new. The problem with changing colour, or even shade of colour, is that all the door openings, the engine, and boot compartments need to be done as well or it looks horrid. There's probably more work in this than in a whole respray.
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