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Mar 23, 2004
Guys cars looks great in the Gallery. It set me wondering is £750 a special price for Guy or is that what a respray costs? How long should it take, how long will it last, what are the pros and cons? can you change colour??
In my experience that is quite cheap, but I imagine is was a top coat only respray with the dents scratches filled locally etc. You can change colour but then all the door shuts, engine bay etc would need to be done as well or it would look hideous. Something like that would also cost nearer £5k to strip everything and paint it properly. Best avoided unless doing a ground up restoration.
Unecessary resparys/paint jobs are asking for trouble. To do a proper respray stripping of parts/components/fixtures/fittings is required and one should/would expect problems when everyuthing is put back together.

Respraying entire car is a big job if it is done properly. I normaly dread getting my car abck from Stealer after a routine service/warranty work incase they have "bodged" anything up or distrubed something in the process whilst working on car through removel of fixtures/fittings etc. Imagine all the fiasco after a major respray i.e. body shut lines etc... as well as mechanical componets failuire... :crazy:
er that list of problems tends to put me off a bit!! Its just the stone chips..........
Might be worth giving these chaps a ring:

Full Circle Body Repairs (01622)833101
Unit 3, Pattenden La
TN12 9QS

A friend of mine had his 190 2.5-16v blown over for the same reason I think it cost £600 max from memory although that was a year or so ago. Did a seriously nice job on it, looks like it has just rolled out of the factory!
R2D2, stone chips is not a reason to get spray work carried out, the body shop I go to work on my cars if anything ever needs doing, they recently sprayed the whole front and drivers side

front - because of stone chips and taking indcators out of the front wings
side - because some bugger keyed it!

and the work is perfect. But as Stats says, total color change is a different kettle of fish altogether!!

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