Retro fitting puddle lights 639

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Feb 8, 2010
2016 L450 Range Rover 4.4 AB, 2015 GTs 2017 Range rover evoque
Just fitting puddle lights in my 2005 115 vito, parts from S&B Commercials, very good in finding the parts.
Looks like they just plug in to the door controller, Question is do they need Star to turn them on?
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Fitted now but don't work?
What do I need?
Seems no one has done this before.
On the cars do they just work when you plug them in the door controller?
Vitos been can bus will probley require them to be activated via a star machine.
That is what I think, but my dealer has never heard of it?
what I need is a cross reference on the door controller in a viano.
or some one who knows the star well enough to find the code
no it doesnt have to be viano as id imagine its the same unit.
i have a little black book and i have a chassis number for a well specd viano il check.
but its more cost effective to fit one unit and programe it rather then have several versions of the same part

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