Retrofit cruise on mk1 sprinter

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Aug 17, 2023
Mid wales
Sprinter w903 Motorhome
Hi y’all. I’ve got a 2001 sprinter with auto transmission ,it’s a 3.5T chassis cab with a Rimor Motorhome body on from new. I’m trying to source a cruise control for it , apparently it needs to have abs which mine does , I know there’s a few bolt on aftermarket kits available for around £500-600,however , I’d prefer to fit the original stalk and plug into the ecu and have it enabled with star. Has anyone done this and has anyone got the correct part numbers for the stor and the short loom to the ecu, if so was it sourced ex sprinter or is there another MB model which also used the same equipment. I’m not sure if there’s anything else to fit or is it just that, I’ve hunted the web for info but what I’ve found is just exactly what I’ve explained here. Fingers crossed someone will have the answer, we also have a 2003 van same spec but with the 5 cylinder engine in which also needs the cruise fitting . Help please .Thanks —- Cradoc
As I’ve been overwhelmed with replies I decided to fit a canm8 cruise myself.

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