Retrofitt Audio 20 help please!

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Jul 6, 2008
W203 C180K Sport Edition 2006
Hello i have a friend how has baught him self an Audio 20 Stereo.

In his car an 2006 C-klass he now has and Pioneer stereo.

So he took the stereo out. And tried to get the connectors to fit the audio 20. But ofcourse the dident fit. He only has a din contact.

So my question is are there any multi connector ar adapter he can buy so he can install hes Audio 20?

He is missing the big connector that should fit in the Audio 20.

I assume all mercedes has prewiring for stereo. But i dont know if the connector to Audio 20 is there frome the begginig?

I really appreciate if someone could help me with this matter.:)
The car is normally fitted with the 40+4 MOST connector. But you state that the car now has DIN connectors.

There are several things to look for.
a) - has the original harness been modified.
b) - Is the original wiring pushed aside
c) - Is the DIN cabling adapted to MOST cabling with an adaptor.


a) There is an adaptor from dealers called an Audio 5 COMAND adaptor which solves your problem (A/B Class part).

c) Unclip the existing adaptor and install the Mercedes radio
Hmmm there is only prewireed frome the speakers. I mean its only prewired for a non Mercedes original stereo. My friend has an Pioneer stereo today. But he wants to install the Audio 20. He has two small scart contacts behind the stereo. I went to mercedes and asked them if he can install the Adui 20 and they said no no no. You must have a gateway etc etc? What its only a stereo i said but no no. Hes car is not prewired for an Audio 20. But how hard can it really be to get an Audio 20 installed?

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