Retrofitted front seat storage boxes to my 2011 S212

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Dec 28, 2007
S212 E220CDI Blue Efficiency SE Edition 125 Estate (7G+Auto - 2011)
As title.......

Sorry no pics......

1. Sourced the boxes from ebay......for anyone considering doing this bear in mind the boxes are left and right sided - can be sourced for £25-£35 each.

2. Bought brackets (left/right sided), 8 rivets ( to mount same) , 4 torx bolts ( to attach boxes to brackets) & trim panels ( which sit in between front of base cushion & mount plate when fitted), from MB Edingburgh. Cost of these parts was £74 delivered with 10% discount on request.

3. Installation...... Rivets ,(4 each side - 2 top & 2 bottom) ,required to attach bracket to front of each seat. I considered unbolting seats from runners to give access. This would have given better access BUT I decided against this as i didn't have a female torx socket plus I was struggling to remove runner trim without damage to same.... I ended up doing the following.............

(i) IMPORTANT : Prior to any installation of brackets do a dry run fit to ensure the bracket torx bolt holes line up accurately with the holes on each bracket. There is very little room for error and it is crucial that the holes align ok ...if required slightly manipulate the bracket so that both pairs of holes line up...(this may sound confusing but will make sense when all parts in front of you).

(ii) Disconnect negative post at battery.

(iii) Disconnect yellow (airbag) multi plug under each seat, (squeeze 2 small tabs either side at same time & pull- access from front)

(iv) Remove 2 lower female lower torx bolts to allow elevation &/or turning of seat. be careful not to stretch other wires.

(v) Use, (at least 18"), steel bar or piece of wood etc as a prop/holder to wedge seat base up, (be careful of the heated seat harness).

(vi) Attach the mounting plates x 2 using 4 rivets per side....(rivet gun required). I worked diagonally to reduce risk of misalignment when fitting, (tip - spend time assessing & re-assessing the correct mount holes & be sure to use the correct plate for each fronts have lots of drilled holes...remember you are riveting so be sure on positioning).

(vii) On passenger side I 1st mounted the lower lateral lower rail the ( that sits behind each box), this meant access to attach the innermost torx was very limited and difficult.....(I suspect my failure to dry run align the box and mount plate before mounting the plate didn't help). On the driver side I swiveled the seat base which made it easier to fix the box to the mount plate.... I fitted the box before reattaching the lateral seat rail BUT final access was very awkward. The plastic circular clips are fragile...main thing is to ensure both halves, (they are 2 semi circles of plastic), are properly located inside the metal rail u-bracket. (I used a tiny bit of tape to keep the torx in place before tightening as I was running out of hands & patience.

(viii) Push trim plates into position...these are simple fillet type arrangements & are also sided L&R. Don't try to fit these before attaching all rivets & bolts...they will provide too much resistance when aligning holes & bolts to boxes & mount plates.

(ix) Time for a quick vac under seats as best able & to check the security, routing & correct mounting of all looms to prevent any wires being stretched, trapped or etc later.

(x) Reconnect yellow connectors before reconnecting battery negative..(be purposeful to avoid sparks & associated drama).

Some trial & error required.....I wont lie - I expected this to be an hour a side max. passenger took me over 6 hrs...drivers side about 90 mins.- with some luck on my side.........Lots of cursing, sore knees, sore hands.....magnetic tool came in handy. I suggest having small ratchets & trick tools would make this easier.........For those confident at unbolting seat runners without damaging surrounding trims then that route may be easier. Some moving of seats back and forth required to give "best" ( I use this word lightly), access.

I prior managed to remove a box from a plate on my friends S212 to assess parts/work required - that only took me 20 mins ! )

Total cost to me for this retro fit mod was around £145. I was quoted £37 for 2 mount plates salvage to my door but spent £74 for the plates plus covers x 2 & all correct rivets/bolts...............Potentially achievable for £100 if I had gone without fastenings & cover trim panels (not essential but make the job & instal smarter).

Not a complicated job but very one point ( in darkness with a torch after hours trying to secure one bolt), I considered giving in, putting it back together as best I could & paying someone with more technical ability to finish the job !

Skill level (1-10) - 2/3

Difficulty level (1-10) 6/7 ! I am not as flexible as I used to be.....(have prior serviced cars.... fluids, plugs, hoses, belts, brakes etc)

Removing seat from runners probably FAR easier, (for those confident not to snap tight stubborn rail trims).

A bit of a nightmare for me in all honesty BUT end result is good !

Mods/admins........Maybe move/copy to how to guides or leave here as you feel best appropriate.

(Thanks to Olly @ Prestige who gave me nod where to get new parts mailed from during lockdown).
For additional info adding of the under seat storage boxes is also possible on the A207 as I have done exactly the same thing to my "65" plate E350cdi, from the instructions given above, the process of fitting them seems to be identical.
Except I unbolted and disconnected the seats but just lent them back against the back seat to gain access to the underside.
It should also be possible to add the option code to the cars data sheet via. STAR.
For the A 207 Chassis this code is 30P possibly the same for other platforms, but this code can be confirmed from the EPC.
Takes me back to thought of a mate of mine , he discovered his Toyota (Carina , I think it was ) had a pull out storage draw under the drivers seat.

He used it as an ashtray and got the vacuum cleaner into it every couple of months. Minging ! 🤢
:eek: That is fairly disgusting.

State of people's cars often,(not always), has some similarity to their home &/or personal cleanliness.

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