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Discussion in 'Engine' started by bolide, Sep 7, 2011.

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    There has been some discussion on here about fitting the E320CDi engine into a W124 or other older Mercedes. The factory built a one-off 220 CDi-powered 190E but it had a rack of equipment in the boot. I don't know of anyone who has succeeded in transplanting a newer CanBUS / DAS engine

    The straight-six E320 CDi engine (OM613) seems the more obvious choice for a W124 as it's a straight-six but the total amount of work required probably makes the difference between an I6 and a V6 moot

    The late OM613 delivered 201 BHP / 370 lb/ft and the OM642 221 BHP / 380 lb/ft from an engine 235cc smaller

    The biggest stumbling block appears to be the ECU. I have read a few posts on another forum about disabling the DAS & etc on a standard 642 ECU but no follow-up

    I posted at the beginning of the year about a company doing a retrofit ECU for diesel engines. They are developing a version for the 642 and the first one is running in a powerboat

    Details here
    BodyLogic Control Systems- Diesel Engine Management, Epas, Indicator and Wiper Control Units

    Nick Froome
    the independent Mercedes Estate specialists
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    Whilst entirely feasible and possible with the right amount of energy and money. Any transplant of this nature will have such a small degree of take up that's it's never going to be a financially viable business proposition.

    And that's your biggest headache - not can it be done, but can it be done economically.

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