Review of c220d (2019)

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I think most cars have a degree of offset but the wide transmission tunnel in the C forced my legs further to the right.....
My Audi A4 was far worse. I was told that a lot of cars are designed for Left Hand Drive and there are compromises when the RHD is fitted. Of course the wider the car the more chance there is to install everything 'in-line'.
For me to sit facing central in relation to the steering wheel in my c class estate, i usually have to sit a bit to the left with my left leg resting on the left hand side of the foot well. Also i ensure the steering when goes as far back as possible and i sit as far back as possible to minimise the parallax. I got so used to it over the 15 months that i dailied the car that i never noticed it. It is when i got myself an e46 330ci, then E46m3 as my daily that each time i switched cars, i was really struggling to get my bearings. I usually drive the bmw 5 or 6 days a week and the merc only once or twice and each time i get into the merc, it takes me a bit of adjusting. It ofcourse could be that the BMWs are "crooked" the other way :) Luckily for novices like me, the merc model i've got has a nice "bump" in the hood that i use the main guide letting me know where the car is in relation to the centre of the lane i'm driving in.

Sometimes matters can be made worse if the wheel alignment of a car is out too...

On the subject of the C class. I think i had a C220d courtesy car for a day (facelift). The interior quality is not at the same level as a C63s. For example, the wood trim looks quite bad on the C220 but looks very nice on the C63. Also the 63s has nappa leather seats, different steering wheel with leather and alcantara, IWC clock, different dash trim etc so the cabin is a definite step up in the AMGs. The engine on the 220d was good as were the driving dynamics. It didnt have a huge amount of kit like adaptive suspension but i was impressed overall. The car seemed quick enough etc. The new digital dash etc was quite nice as was the bigger infotainment screen.

That said, I also had a GLC350D courtesy car and the "crabbing" simply didnt bother me at all, so please ignore any views i might have on cars as i simply seem to overlook the problems that bother others!

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