Right Front Speed Sensor - carry out visual inspection

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Feb 29, 2020
Sittingbourne, Kent
W221 S350L, R231 SL350 & SL400
2011 S Class S350L Diesel W221 (approx 58k miles)

Driving home today the dashboard started showing a number of amber warning messages including: Pre-Safe function limited and ABS plus ESP currently unavailable. Also the Distronic Plus, Hill Start Assist and ECO option were not available- Sods law that it's a Saturday and I won't be able to do anything about this problem until Monday.

I plugged in my icarsoft and under "Adaptive Brake (Chassis CAN bus) it showed "L6/2 (Right Front Speed Sensor): carry out visual inspection

I'm assuming that this sensor needs checking and possibly replacing and I have a few questions that maybe you could help me with:
- Should I not drive the car until this problem is fixed?
- Is an MB independent or Dealer needed? I'm asking this as sometimes my local Independent can't fit me in for a few weeks.
- Is MB OEM part recommended or are there other Manufacturers with same quality? I'm asking this as I'm aware of MB parts supply problems at present.
- Should I be replacing the Left Front speed sensor also?

Many thanks.

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Changing the front wheel speed sensors on my 2006 W221 was an easy DIY job, so I think you could take it to any garage that you trust - doesn't need to be an MB specialist in my opinion. I bought a couple of the sensors from a friend of mine who owns a parts shop - they weren't MB, but a decent brand (Bosch I think). They looked indistinguishable from the ones I took off. They've only been on a year, so I can't say for sure about longevity, but I doubt they're any different from the OE parts in that respect.

Should you drive it? Your choice I think, but I guess it means it when it says ABS and ESP are unavailable. So back to the same as it was for most of the 20th century.
This morning all the warning lights disappeared when I switched the engine on. Might just be a dirty connection but as I already have the new sensors I'll get them fitted at the weekend. I bought genuine MB and only cost £28 each!

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