Road Race ( I win LOL )

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Mar 26, 2022
South Yorkshire
C 320 CDI
Well took Wife out on Friday to North Yorkshire something to eat and nice Drive.
Well on way back noticed car behind wanted to have a small race Happy to obliges in My C320 Cdi .

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Has you can see I clearly won and he was sore loser ( :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: )
I did give him :thumb: for having a clean car LOL
I especially liked the way you held the racing line through the roundabout so he couldn't get you there😄👌
It's just a tad disappointing that we can't enjoy the sound of your tyres squealing and the roar of the exhaust as you bounce against the limiter in every gear.🏎️
I was once stopped (in my C220) by an unmarked Police car one evening in a small-ish Herts town - “I didn’t mind you winning the traffic light Grand Prix, sir” he said, “but maybe a little slower through the town next time?”.

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