Rocker Cover Gasket + Valeo Rad


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Sep 27, 2016
East Midlands
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My CLK W209 is a 2003

How can I check if my Vin is affected by the Valeo issue as I'd rather be same than sorry. I believe it's £300 for a new Behr radiator but how do I know peevish owners haven't changed it before? Any easy way to check? Come to think of it though even if it has the Valeo is hasnt failed for 14 years and 100k so why should it fail now?

also my rocker cover gaskets need replacing as been told oil is leaking at them

Is there any major damage that can arise due to this? There are no electrics near here are there which can get damaged? As I am a bit short of time to be without the car for.

Many thanks

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