Rolled Arches

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Aug 30, 2008
2001 E CLASS 320 CDI
Where can i get my front arches rolled as the one clips the wing slightly.
there doesnt seem to be any where in west mids???? HELP PLS:(
Most garages will do it if you call them; but beware - the arches are already a problematic spot for rust; once you start cracking the paint you're looking for it!
ive heard body shops may do it ? is that what you mean? im hoping to get it done before it goes in for rust warrent work so i can get the spray shop to do it for a back hander;)
Yes, I do mean the bodyshops that repair accident damaged cars.

Watch out though, there are two common ways of rolling arches, the first involes attaching a tool to the wheel-hub, the tool applies pressure to the arch and is then rotated. This is the more advanced method and tends to cause less damage.

Some place will just grab a dent-removal hammer and a plank of wood... ask beforehand regarding how they will roll the arches!

Also, be very careful as this may invalidate your warranty claim...


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