roof problem

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Jul 27, 2017
i have a 2001 clk230 convertible which ive just bought but i have a problem with the roof ./ rollbars .the headrests are raised and wont go back down even with the dash reset button? the roof is closed atm so wont open because of this :dk: could someone please point me in the right direction as i want to sort this .

cheers karl
The quickest and cheapest solution is to get it to an MB specialist with Star to diagnose the problem.

It could well be a faulty micro switch that is causing the fault or something out of adjustment but a proper diagnostic test is the only way forward.
If you're close to South London, you can try Caymen Auto Services, they do all the roof problems on Mercs - Vincent Rd, Dorking RH4 3JB, 01306 885566

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