Router Kaput

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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi all ,

I have ( had ) a Netgear router , DG834G V2 , it has just stopped working :mad:

Currently i have the laptop plugged into the ports on the back of it so that part of it works , but i don't think it is transmitting wirelessly ....

I have been into the settings page ( with the help of Mrs Toads bro who is an IT boffin ) and fiddled with it , changed the channels and whatnot but it still isn't being detected by either of the two laptops we have.

So , it's going in the bin .... but before it is consigned to the great internet in the sky , i wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a new one ...

Don't need one that will do the can can , buy me a drink , make me tea and tuck me in at night , just one with the same basic spec as this one , cheap ( if possible ) and reliable . Oh yes , and easy to set up as I will have to and am not particularly IT savvy ....

Seen a few refurbs on Ebay ( worth it ? ) or can anyone point me in the right direction of a company that supplies them at a reasonable price.

Many thanks in advance

H :)
Yep , tried that ... I think .... :eek:

Do you mean unplugging it and leaving it for 2 minutes then plugging it back in ? If so ...... yes ...
yes, there maybe a way to reboot it from the control panel (via a PC) or the unit itself may have a small hole where you can poke it with a fine point to manually reset the unit
I have an old wireless router D link that you can have FOC .. it does not work with the super mega fast broadband.

I have the 8MB orange BB, and it doesn't work with that.
Hi Sean and thanks for the offer , i have the 8mbit Orange BB too :(

Dave wasn't in the best mood as he had been sent from Gt Yarmouth where he works and lives to a job in Bracknell and then had to go back as well .... he didn't mention the pin thing

So this pin thing .... if i jab a pen it in what will happen ( bearing in mind that Dave set it up originally and i have no clue how to do everything again )
You might have forgotten , but I never knew in the first place :eek:
But if it resets the whole router and i'm plugged into it with a wire ( like i am now ) will it kill my internet access totally ? :crazy:
Probably :crazy: :rolleyes:
It should just come back on, and if you leave lappie plugged in it will connect itself.....

I say should.

But I don't want you being grumpy with me if it doesn't
Hmmmm will try it tomorrow .... :eek:
No. :crazy: I'm scared ....
I'm going to have a bath now .... :D

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