Royal 320CLK power short problem

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Westminster Tab

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Nov 11, 2016
London England
CLK320 1998

1998 CLK320 petrol 92,000 miles. Stored for three years, battery dead, I replaced the battery along with the starter motor, and a new petrol filter. I took it for a two mile spin, ran fairly well, engine needs tuning. This is a pristine unblemished example inside and out, owned and only driven by a real King, not British monarchy, unfortunately. Nobody has ever sat in the back seats!

Went to it a week later, new battery completely flat, removed it for charging. The front drivers seat has moved forward closer to the steering wheel. The positive terminal is a direct short to earth, separated the three cables at positive battery connection, they all go direct to earth. All fuses 1 to 27 and 39 to 45, go direct to earth with the battery removed. I can use a meter, trace wiring, but I’m lost with this type of fault!

Any help gratefully received, I’m a pensioner, can’t afford this car but would love to spend my final years with a bit of quality!
Welcome! Am sure there's a more than a few on here that can advise. Add a pic or two to get pulses racing [emoji2] . If you have trouble uploading try using the tapatalk app.

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