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Used to do it at York Raceway when I had the M3 and Scooby, great fun enjoy
Never done this, but did take my MKII Golf down the strip many years ago at a GTI international event.
Would love to see what my Merc could really do.
Not an AMG but would still like to know whether it can do what it was built to do, and if it has improved, now it is "run in"
Maybe somebody could organize a club meet up? (not me as far too busy at work at the moment)

Great idea. If many more members show interest we can perhaps arrange a day.
Wouldnt mine doing this in the Derv lol, done a few in the past with my Moded t5.
I am going to try to make the 28th March in the afternoon.
I would come along but thinking about it, who would dare run against the magnificence, the sheer powerhouse, that is my van?
Thought as much; you've all bottled it already. :p (Trash talk :fail ) :D
I would be up for this. Long way to travel, but would be good.


I know it's a mission! I'm in London so will take a couple of hours.....

Not sure if there is anything similar but closer?
What I like about the sound of this, is it's purely drag racing. Not sure my car would be any good round a track! It would be like trying to race a cruise liner!
As said i dont mind doing this, any suggested dates?
As said i dont mind doing this, any suggested dates?

Well I did have early summer in mind (June), but if the weather keeps up I'm more than happy to do it earlier! I can't make the 28th March or 4th April (presuming Saturdays are better for most people), but can do the rolling 4 Saturdays after that.
I cant do the 4th April either, Happy to try and work with what ever dates convenient with the majority. Sunday's are better for me to tbh :)
I've nothing real tasty to run but depending on date would be up for this with my modded W208 won't break any land speed records but would be good for the old girl to stretch her legs, she's done 30+ laps of the ring over the years so I suppose a sprint up the strip won't do any harm
Back to the op,
It's addictive. You'll always want just one more run!
Make sure you read and understand the staging and start procedure, all the staff and marshals are friendly and helpful. Follow their guidance.

If you want to chase a good time, it's all about the start. Nail a good start and your et (elapsed time) will drop nicely. You'll get a print out of each run with et and mph and various points down the strip. The most important for us the 60 foot, that's your start.

If the weather is good, get there early as it'll get busy quickly and you'll be waiting 1-2 hours between runs.


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