Running wires near steering shaft

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Mar 2, 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne
2001 Mercedes E320 CDI (W210) OM613
I have got two wires running from my headunit to the driver side of my vehicle. One of the wires is for my mic which sits on the top of my A pillar and the second wire is an ignition wire for my headunit (runs to the fuse box under rear seat).

The way I have routed the wires is very close to the 'steering shaft' (is this what its even called), the shaft which is to the left of the break pedal and behind the park brake, see attached image of my interior.

I know the shaft spins when the steering is turned, so is it better to re route the wires a different way?


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Fix the wires to the inside of the dashboard with sticky felt. (There is a Mercedes part number for this stuff: A000 983 89 10 - I think its ordered by the metre and you just cut strips off.

If you have an adjustable steering column move it up down / in / out and ensure it is away from those wires. Also, perhaps not in your vehicle, you need to be careful with routing wires up the A-pillars if you have airbags - they must not get in the way of a deploying airbag - again that felt is used to hold the wires against the A-pillar


For this reason, I went the other way and under the glovebox (or behind it) and up the A Pillar. Although my Mic is located near the centre, the wire is long enough to go all the way to the RHS A Pillar if required.

Is there an ignition feed on the rear 'box? The glove box illumination is a lot closer

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