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  1. Smiley

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    Jun 29, 2008
    I saw a few mins of the documentary earlier about Russian boys being locked up for committing crimes. All seemed to be about 11 - 14 yrs old. One had been "sent down" for 2 and 1/2 years for stealing jam and cucumbers; another had got 3 years for committing 3 murders......:eek:
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    Sep 1, 2004
    ASBO for bloke on t'internet

    ASBO for a bloke on t'internet (can you believe that anyone would use t'internet to spread false and malicious allegations?!):crazy: ;

    Harmston villagers branded sex pests and adulterers in smear campaign

    A man described as the “modern equivalent of a poison-pen letter writer” tried to destroy the lives of residents in his former village with a smear campaign, a court was told yesterday.

    Graham Speed, 51, was accused of creating malicious internet videos and spreading rumours after moving away from Harmston, in Lincolnshire.

    He was banned from the village in February after a court imposed an interim antisocial behaviour order.

    Police yesterday applied for a full order, in which Mr Speed would be banned from contacting media organisations with false accusations and from photographing or filming any of the alleged victims.

    At Lincoln Magistrates' Court yesterday, residents of the village, which has a population of 800, said that Mr Speed had almost ruined their personal and professional lives.

    Odiri Oteri, a gynaecologist at Lincoln County Hospital, said that he had been reported to the General Medical Council after Mr Speed falsely accused him of fathering a child with a mistress. Mr Oteri told the court: “The allegations affected me quite significantly . . . My whole work requires trust. I was suspicious of everyone after the allegations were made, so it really affected my confidence.”

    He said that his wife had received a string of faxes detailing the claim. “It sows the seeds of doubt,” Mr Oteri said. “It has had a very significant impact on my family.”

    Ewan Stockbridge, an RAF serviceman, claimed that Mr Speed had posted footage of him online entitled “Sex pest caught on CCTV”. He was subsequently questioned about the video for three hours by his superiors.

    Mr Speed also allegedly raised a series of damaging claims against Philip Myatt, a businessman. Mr Myatt, the former head of a nursing services company, told the court: “I built a nursing home group from 1975 until 18 months ago. I employed a lot of people and was respected. I worked hard.

    “[Mr Speed] made a complaint that I ran a fraudulent business and squandered the money on yachts in Jersey - and that was only the tip of the iceberg.”

    Mr Myatt said that Mr Speed had accused him of buying a £1.6 million yacht and calling it “the Super Gin Palace Ship”, brandishing a gun at Mr Speed, and driving under the influence of alcohol. My Myatt said: “It was very distressing. I have no understanding of what I could have done to upset his life.”

    He added that although he did own a yacht, the figure of £1.6 million was “grossly incorrect”. “It was an old boat,” he said. “It cost £140,000.”

    Alison Welch, the landlady of the award-winning Thorold Arms, said that Mr Speed had posted derogatory comments about the pub on the internet, including one that read “I wished I had eaten my own shoe”.

    The parish council chairman, Dominic Oldham, and Sarah Lingard, a police community support officer, said that Mr Speed had taken covert photographs of them.

    The court was also told that the parish council had been bombarded with unusual freedom-of-information requests from Mr Speed, including one that demanded information going back to the time of the Vikings.

    Mr Speed, who now lives in Lincoln, did not attend court yesterday but denies all the allegations. The hearing continues.
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    What channel was this program on? I wanted to see it, but hopefully it should be on one of the replay services.
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    :eek: indeed. Clearly cucumber theft is seen as worse than murder. :eek:
  5. glojo

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    Sep 15, 2004
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    If we stop and think about the nitty gritty of what is being said for a moment.....

    The punishment by our standards sounds quite horrific, but the bottom line is.....................

    Has this punishment deterred the offender? My guess would be know, but I stand to be corrected.

    Imprisonment to me should most definitely be a place of punishment for repeat, or habitual offenders but I would be deluding myself if I thought that any habitual offender would be reformed by any type of custodial sentence. Whilst the hardened criminal is locked away, they are not harassing the innocent. To make our prisons locations with better facilities than are available to Mr average is a joke, but I personally would not want a place of torture.

    'ang em all

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