Rust around jacking points '88 260E


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Jun 28, 2002
Caversham, Berkshire
1990 Mercedes 500SE
My lovely 1988 260E, which is in very nice condition otherwise, with just stone chips on the body and one small rust blister has rust on and around the 4 jacking points. The amount of rust varies, but all the jacking points have some. The metal tube which fits into the body has rust on the outside and inside the tube somewhat. The sill area around the jacking point has some bubbles under the surface grey thickish paint. There is no movement when pressing on the sills around the jacking points so it's not penetrated them yet.

In the meantime, I have sprayed Waxoyl inside the metal tube and around the points. I would get in there and clobber the rust, BUT where do I get the grey paint to finsish off the job so it's invisible (this grey stuff looks like a cross between paint and underseal)?

Any help, or suggestions gratefully received. I want to keep this car in excellent order and I'm tackling the jobs one by one, as I'm broke!

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