S Class 2008 Front 12 volts wiring socket info please

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Dec 12, 2012
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Hi i have a camera and and adapter which I want to piggy back the live power feed off the front 12 volt socket .Before i blow a fuse could anyone tell me which is the live,ground and one will be the light I guess
Many Thanks


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Brown is ground. Black/white is switched power. Grey/blue is illumination.
Hi many thanks for the quick reply, appreciated

I assume that your are going to add a hidden socket somewhere, and plug the charger/adapter into that.

If so, please ensure the wiring that you use from the new socket to the existing wiring is the same thickness (or more) so that if there is an issue the wire doesn't melt before the fuse in the fusebox protects the wire. If your new socket comes with thinner wire, then you;ll need to add an inline fuse between the cars wiring and the new wiring of an appropriate size. Ideally you should solder this too.. Remember that when soldering, unless you removed the fuse, the whole soldering iron and the reel of solder will be at +12v ...

You will note that the power wiring (ground and +12v) is quite thick !

I've seen too many dangerous "add-ons" now for me not to try and encourage this to be done properly - so sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs ... (or whoever is reading this thread in the future).


ps. the wiring you see in your picture is a right angle plug, and the plug will separate away from the side of the body of the cigarette lighter, which will make it much easier to work on for you.

Hi Thanks Richard,yes I do solder and was going to put an inline fuse as a precaution its for a camera and don't want it on show in the 12 v socket.The female unit wire is compatible + for the live feed will take your advise and make sure that i do a great job

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