S class coupe c217 no album cover display

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Jan 15, 2010
Just bought a lovely s class coupe 2018 560, put in an SD card with my music on that worked with album cover in my previous car but no album artwork in s class coupe. Also no radio station artwork. Anyone any ideas why?
FWIW: I have a Comand on-line with wide screen digital display in my C238 M/Y 2019: Inserting a USB-disk in the slot when all power is off does not seem to make the infotainment system read the file allocation table correctly. I had to start the engine and turn on the system and then inserting the memory stick in order to make the system read the information. Then all folders and record graphics shows up correctly. As to why your system does not show any radio station graphics I do not know. Mine does not do it either but I get the RDS data correctly.
I have now used MP3tag to attached covers which has worked, but expected that the covers would download via car Internet connection. Can anyone tell me if on DAB radio you get images from radio station? In my audi a8 I got cover art from tracks on radio station too
Any info appreciated

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