S Class w221 320cdi 2006 possible Turbo Actuator Issue

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Aug 6, 2017
S Class 320CDI W221 2006
Hi, I wonder whether anyone has had any issues with a failing turbo actuator.

The symptoms of my car are:-
Smoke bellowing out exhaust on heavy excel-oration
Slight engine judder when warm
Notibly runs better when cold
Feeling like the car handbreak is slightly on ie car feeling held back

I have spend a small fortune on everything else to get the car running right and this is the last thing on the list to sort so any help would be appreciated.

Some said something about a possible faulty turbo actuator, a blocked waste gate and sticking flaps in the turbo??

What have you done so far? Injectors?

Have you had it on a diagnostic system, pref STAR?
Hi there,

I haven't touched the injectors or anything to do with this issue. I have have it on the star but not fault codes showing. Although when I did the issue wasn't as pronounced as it is now, so your right it need to have the latest codes read.
If you get it on STAR, get the injector values read or get a leak off test done.
Does the car goes in limp mode ? Where do you use the car most ,in city or motorway ?
Hi Car hasn't gone into limp mode, used mainly around town below 30mph.
These cars needs at least once a week motorway drive reving up 2000 rpm .
Good point, I don't give it much of a blast on the motorway.
Tried Diesel Rhino, could be premature but I think there is a difference in performance

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