S Class W221 parking brake issue

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Apr 24, 2007
Mercedes S320CDi
Just bought a W221 2006 S320 CDI from Mercedes Benz of Leeds, got an issue with the electric parking brake, my drive is very steep when I press the brake switch I can here the tension applied to the back wheels but the car slides back when I release the foot brake, up to 400mm before stopping the car, had it back to the dealership, the chief technician said there was nothing they could do, as there was no adjustment for the cable or shoes in the hub, any one got any thoughts on this, I can put up with it but it is a bit of a pain, thanks in advance for any ideas
If it under warranty get them to replace the " Electronic Parking Brake Actuator" Sounds like your parking brake not working. They wont want to do it as it £1k job
After the first visit to the Stratstone technicians I was told to put it in park first, yeah right, what happens then is the car rolls back till it reaches what ever locks the gearbox and lets the weight of the car rest on that, then when you put it in drive the gearbox goes with a right bang, no way.
Just got it back from Stratstone MB Leeds, (second time) answer I received was , technicians cannot simulate the problem, I asked what have they actually done have they checked the pads, the cable, the actuator, their reply was nothing because they can't simulate the problem, by the way they had it for 2 weeks, I am now going to let an independent motor engineer look over. I admit my drive is very steep, but I don't believe Mercedes make a vehicle that can't hold the car back on a steep hill
Took the car to Robin Hood garage in Brighouse, who service all my cars, took Des all of 15 minutes to sort the problem, removed the rear wheels which he said hadn't been off for a long while, there was a hole in the hub, inside was a ratchet wheel to adjust the parking brake shoes , it had never been adjusted, Des adjusted the shoes on both sides and plugged it in to see that there were no fault codes showing, brake is now bang on, which doesn't say much for the so called technicians at Mercedes Benz of Leeds
Mine did that, adjusted shoes all fine then the parking brake motor failed week later, think it just a warning that it giving up the ghost. £900 later and a big ouch.

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