S124 E300D Sportline


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Jul 8, 2006
It is with much regret that I'm advertising my S124. First registered January 94, mine since 2004. 5 previous owners.
Chassis number 1241912F280242. Registration number L143PSC
Its a genuine Sportline, code 653 and 953 on the build record. It is a 7 seater and has most options. All of which work faultlessly including the air conditioning. It does have non standard wheels; the 17inch ones were fitted when I bought it, and I've never reverted them back. The Oris removable towbar was used for a bicycle rack: I've never towed anything with it.
It has been looked after during my ownership as it was the family car.. All of the usual areas have been addressed.
In 2018 it was fitted with an OM 606.962 and 722.6 from a W210. The engine is controlled by a DSL 1 controller and the gearbox by an OF Gear controller.
Due to work and the pandemic, the car never got the attention it deserved. Consequently, on taking it for an MOT yesterday, I was informed that it requires welding ( amongst other things) and that the cost of repair would outweigh the value of the car.
The welding is required at the rear of both sills and behind the headlight in the engine bay. There may very well be more areas, but these were the ones highlighted. ( The rear subframe mounts have already been done, when the rear subframe had new control arms). It still looks presentable with only minor areas of corrosion on the upper bodywork and a few light scratches.
I'm open to serious offers .


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