S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

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Nov 21, 2016
Fraser's Hill, Malaysia
Mercedes C200 Estate / Mercedes E250
Hi guys,
I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest.

My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside ones are removed simply by pressing the little button on the outside of the plastic base of the headrest. (I am sure everyone knows this already).
The centre rest is another issue because there is no button at the bottom plastic base the same as the outside headrests nor does my model have any electrics to release it.
The way to do it is to ease up the plastic base around the two legs of the centre headrest just enough so that the seat material be it leather or cloth can be pushed hard down and the internal plastic sleeve can be seen. To do this you have to push real hard on top of the seat on the area that is at the out side of the leg. If you push hard and far enough down you can see a wire clip running across the outside of the plastic sleeve that in turn clips into a notch on the leg. You need a long but small flat screwdriver to ease out the clip from the plastic and the notch in the leg. You do this on both legs and then the headrest will simply lift out.
I did this so that I could fit seat covers but left out the centre headrest because it is not an easy task to get it out again.
Maybe you all now this then disregard this post but for those that don't I hope it helps.

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