s204 220 cdi problems

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Iain L

New Member
Mar 9, 2017
C220 cdi
Well, I had a problem at the end of last week with a sudden EML and limp home mode. The car was plugged and a MAF failure was found. I changed the MAF today and cleared the fault. Now the car still doesn't run properly. It felt like it was misfiring for a while, that has now stopped. It now goes back in to limp home mode and has intermittent EGR low flow problems and boost pressure problems. It ran fine for about 5 mins with out problems.
There's no where local that I can get my car to this week and unfortunately I'm back at work tomorrow, which I'm still trying to sort out on how to get there.
Any ideas where I should be looking to fix the problem?
O, the car is now only showing code P2279. I can't hear any pressure leak, not sure what to do next.
The MAP sensor was changed and everything is back to normal.

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