S204 Rear door lock actuator

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Nov 1, 2008
Bournemouth/Poole Dorset
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I just picked my S204 after having the n/s/r door lock actuator replaced at my local non MB mechanic.
What problems he had!
First, he couldn't release the door lock from the door car without a special sized 5 point torx bit. Only Mercedes dealers (and indies) have them. Luckily for me he has a mate at MB Poole and was able to borrow the tool for a few hours and get it back before closing time.
Next problem was the actuator I cleverly thought getting from Amazon at a decent price. Part numbers matched the EPC, but it didn't fit. The electrical connection on the new unit was smaller and only 4 pins instead of 8..
OK, on to MB Poole and yes, there was one in stock. Reserved for me, mechanic threw me his car keys and I went off to collect it. Just as well he ordered it, he got 10% discount. Should have been £188+vat, got it for £169+vat. Billed for £203 just for the part.
Bless him, he spent at least 4 hrs messing around and charged me £100. I gave him a drink for his troubles.
Now I have a working rear door that locks and unlocks again on the fob.

This was the Amazon part.

This is the correct part
Compare the two parts and check the size of the two electrical sockets and number of pins, bottom left of photo.


So although I'd got the Part number from the Nemingapart's EPC, it didn't fit. Lesson learned, match the Part number to the Vin# in future.
Sent the unwanted part back tonight for a refund.


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