s205 stuck bonnet solved

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Apr 16, 2004
S205 C200SE & W202 C230K
At 2100 tonight, a message... please add screen wash. Stopped at petrol station. Passenger side bonnet catch refuses to open. Bugger. Made sure both catches were engaged and went home. Mobile + youtube + problem = solution. I tapped sharpishly on the passenger side of the bonnet and then tried to pull the bonnet lever. After a few goes - success. Bonnet catches full of greasy muck. Now tissues, wd40, and manky toothbrush = clean bonnet catches. It now opens super smooth. Better than when I bought the car 3.5 years ago. Moral of story - preventative cleaning of the bonnet catches on either side every year. It reminds me of the times I used to spend cleaning doing the same to my s124 and w202 mono wiper mechanisms in order to avoid expensive replacement mechanisms.

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