S210 320cdi no EML light

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Mar 4, 2017
S210 320cdi Avantgarde
As above, the light does not illuminate when you turn on the ignition neither does the seat belt warning. I have had the cluster out and replaced the bulbs but still nothing. Any suggestions or common faults?

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Sounds like someone has deliberately disabled these, possibly cut the tracks in the cluster?

Does the airbag light near the gear lever illuminate?
Yes, that one works. The deliberate sabotage is what concerns me! I never noticed the lack of a warning light when I bought it! Runs and drives ok but has a black smoke issue under load. Going to have a look at the egr.

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They don't have an 'EML' light.

My 'SRS' dash light is disabled, with no bulb.
Faulty passenger seat occupancy sensor. I didn't do it.
They don't have an 'EML' light.

Indeed, according to my old MY 2000 W210 manual, the check engine light is only for gasoline engines.
Thanks for that.

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However, I wish it did as the bloody thing won't start now! Not sure if it's the egr, fuel pump or injectors.

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