S210 fuel hose

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May 30, 2011
W126 300SE, S210 E55, R107, Subaru Legacy ST
Hi guys, quick question about A2104767326 - hose from fuel tank to pump on my E55.

Anyone knows the size of this as I need a replacement & it needs to be ordered from Germany. One of the parts guy I spoke to says it's simply a short length of hose for £21.70 & I could source one locally.
Good motor factors will be ablle to sell it to you by the foot, off a roll for considerably less.
I thought as much as I recall doing it on my 126 a few years back when I replaced the fuel pump on that one - decided to just pack up, I guess from infrequent use.

Might decide to let a garage tackle the job now as the hose is weeping & I have a full tank of fuel! Working under a car in my garage or drive, disconnecting the tank to pump pipe sounds like it could turn into a nightmare.

get it changed asap,I had one let go all over a garage forecourt after refueling.
That was expensive..... Thankfully never experienced that even on cars that were way past their use-by, by the time I got them. Only time a fuel hose went on my then company car, an Audi 100CC, it was in the engine bay feeding the carb, the car went up in a quite spectacular way.

That's my plan to replace the hose sooner rather than later. but with the weather as it is and a full tank, it's looking like a garage job, especially now that I know the hose could just let go! Might give my recovery service a call first to see if they might tackle swap the hose. Just 2 clips, but the thought of emptying a tank full of SUL on my drive........
Hi think you will possibly find this is part of MB recall notice they failed quite often check if still applies to your motor believe applies to s class and e55s 210/211
Thanks for the info, didn't know that as nothing came up when I googled the part no.

Doubt I'd get anywhere on a '98 car though. Might have bought it from the dealer, but MB don't stock it in the UK, so the failure can't be that common.

On my Subaru, when I had a braking issue which is part of a worldwide recall, the dealer had the required parts in & I was sorted within a couple of days.
I had to replace the fuel pump on my S210 E55, and I think the hose was probably a larger bore than 8 mm, and had a moulded-in bend very close to either the tank or the pump. If I'm correct, simply replacing it with a piece of fuel hose from a motor factor might not be as simple as it sounds.

I assume you've tried just tightening the clip up to try to stop the weep?
Looking at the part (no.10) it is the same for all petrol W210s

Yup it is the same for all petrol estates. All the more surprising that MB UK don't stock it.

To bring this to a close, Wayne's team at WDM diagnosed a leaking pump this afternoon & is currently being replaced. I guess the general dampness in the area led me to suspect the hose as it still drove perfectly, even when pressing on. Never come across a leaking pump before. The one on my W126 which stopped working was the original, 25 years old & looked in good condition externally once I gave it a wipe to check the part number. I wonder if it was sitting in road mud in the snug cover, rusting the casing The arrangement on saloons are different. I'll ask to have a look at the part when I collect the car.

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