s211 320cdi ESP ABS message

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Dec 21, 2011
w208 silver clk55
Hi guys!
Needed a help from the forum members who experienced this kind of problem.
Three messages appeared on the dashboard ESP ABS AND BRAKE PERFORMANCE REDUCED with yellow abs sign on dashboard.
Plugged Delphi diagnostic tool and it gave me the following codes
C2534-hydraulic fault,right front separating valve.
C2412-left front speed sensor, carry out visual inspection.
C2235-inlet valve LF
C140-Front left speed sensor
C14be-system faults:test SBC control module.
So far replaced the front t left abs sensor and brake switch sensor and here the description of the fault, after you start the engine and stay stationary nothing comes up.
As soon as you start driving first yellow abs sign then the messages appears, before they appear,you can feel something going on on the left side at the front wheel and then the messages comes up.
Sometimes before they appear the yellow triangle sign flashes with the action on the front left corner and then the messages comes up.
Can anyone help me please ?Would be very much appreciated.
Anyone please?
Was showing left side front speed sensor in few places replaced that still the problem is there.
Reduced breaking, is that not an sbc fault?
I found a thread online of the guy who had the same problem and the abs ring was a problem on his.
Going to try this just wondering if anyone had the same problem?
If the abs resets and the fault only comes on when the vehicle moves , it will be one of the speed signals abnormal or missing .

Since you changed the sensor it will most likely be the reluctor ring . Sometimes cleaning them helps .
Was play in the wheel bearing tightened the nut and the messages gone will drive for a bit and see

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