S211 Clunking noises

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Jun 2, 2016
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S211 E320

I've tried searching but cant find anything specific on the problem I have.

I have a 2007 E320 cdi which has done 3000 miles short of 200k, however its in remarkable mechanical condition with full MB/Indie history.

One thing is annoying me though, I have a clunking noise coming from the passenger side front suspension when going over a speedbump a little too fast (obvious answer is not to go over them too fast!) However, it only happens on the passenger side while coming down the speed bump, so its not the compression part of spring/shock its the unloading/decompression part of the movement that creates the noise.

I can rule out lower ball joints as I have replaced both recently with Meyle HD (a right pig getting out the old ones), which removed a lot of minor bumps/vibrations and tightened up the steering really well.

Any ideas/comments would be much appreciated on what the issue could be.
Possibly the front or rear ARB drop links. You need to get it up in the air and have a really good heave around with big pole or a very long pry bar. Drop links are cheap and very common failure also easy to replace.
as said , cheapest part to replace arb link £25 ish , though id imagine it would knock on the compression part , therefore id say shock absorber or tophat .

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