S211 Gearbox Oil Cooler Pipes

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Mar 19, 2017
2004 Mercedes S211 E320 CDI
Evening all,

Long time reader, first time poster. Spent a lot of time browsing the forums prior to buying my first MB, and became the proud owner of an '04 S211 E320 a few months back.

The car is brilliant, but over the last month I noticed a vibration under load, which thanks to this forum I suspected —*and was subsequently confirmed as —*failing engine mounts.

When the car was on the ramp a small leak was discovered from the gearbox oil cooler pipes. Best case is new pipes, but the worst case is that these have fused to the rad and this will also need to be replaced.

I've been given a quote for both options by a local indie (who've been brilliant so far) but I wondered, given the age of the car, whether it's worth just replacing the radiator regardless. I believe it's still on the original, am I right in thinking this will be the Valeo variety? Is there a preferred brand to upgrade to? Or is it just worth changing the oil cooler pipes? Car had a new gearbox fitted late last year which is still under warranty but I'm keen to ensure it's protected from overheating.

Thanks in advance.


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Cant see the reg of your car but if its 2004 or later you should have a Behr rad fitted which rules out the coolant leaking into the gearbox Valeo issue. If you have a Valeo, either Behr or Nissan radiators are suitable.

Welcome to the forum:thumb:

Edit.....just spotted you say its a 2004. I believe Valeo radiators were replaced in 2004 by Behr.
Big thanks for the quick reply, that's put my mind at ease. I'll get it booked in this week and fingers crossed it's just the pipes that need replacing.
Thanks for the link, can't see a build date but the release date was mid-Jan 2004, so I guess there could be a chance it's the Valeo rad?
54 reg onwards, get it changed bud and pipes, theres a strong chance the pipes will damage the rad upon removal anyway. Ive done 4 now.
Thanks mate, in that case I think I'll speak to them about getting both changed to be on the safe side.

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