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Dec 31, 2009
2005 E55K Estate; 2020 Jaguar I-Pace HSE;2004 E500 Estate;2005 Alfa GT V6;306GTi-6;206 GTi 180
For sale is my 2004/54 Mercedes E500 Sport AMG 7 Seater Estate. Listed on Ebay with link to the ad here:

I bought this about a year ago to tide me over for occasional work use while I searched for an E55K AMG Estate. I've managed to find and buy one recently so this is now surplus to requirements and no longer required.

Great engine, gearbox and spec. It isn't the finest most expensive garage queen you will find but a very decent example. A couple of marks here and there but nothing too bad. The car seems to drive and work well so would make a very cheap car for someone. Would either suit someone as a cheap car as is. Or could be improved a little further with a little time and money spent if desired.

Has had a recent service and a long mot until 9th January 2025. The front tyres have plenty of tread left but the rears are getting low so will need replacing soon. Interior is in very good condition. Exterior very good too with some minor marks/scratches.

Very high spec car with:
Keyless go/start
Heated and cooled electric memory leather seats with dynamic/massage function
Harmon Kardon surround audio system
18" AMG staggered alloys
AMG dual exhaust system
Airmatic air suspension
7 seater with optional rear facing seats
ULEZ Compliant

Has the bulletproof M113 5.0 litre V8 petrol engine with automatic gearbox.

Price is listed at £4995 but open to any offers from any forum members. Happy to sell to a forum member cheaper. Although in no rush to sell it will just sit on the drive until sold now so happier to sell at a fair price. It is worth what it is worth to someone or the market and hard to see what these are worth as not too many around and the mileages vary a fair bit. Happy to listen to any offers.

Car can be viewed most days/times in Welham Green, Hertfordshire, AL9.

Any question please feel free to ask.
Forgot to say it is the lower tax bracket too as pre 23/03/2006.
Just realised I'm a dufus at put 2004/54 when it is of course clearly a 2004/53! I think I must have been staring at the E55K at the time :) Can't edit the thread title or post I don't think.
I might be interested in some kind of swap deal with anything interesting so feel free to message me with any options if so.
Had a viewing yesterday and a few offers so far. Not a million miles away from where I'd like to be. Just waiting for the viewer to work out some numbers and get back to me with his offer.

I hadn't started or used it for a few weeks but started it yesterday only to find a battery warning/error on the dash. Had a look and small aux battery under the bonnet looks expanded and old. Replaced this with a new aux battery and all good as gold now with no errors or malfunctions. The rear battery looks fairly new and show a good state so that one seems perfectly fine.
I've dropped the price a little bit to £4695 and had two offers so far both at £3500 and in two minds whether to accept one of these or not.

The car isn't perfect or a garage queen but far from a shocker so seems a lot of car for the money to me. No rush to sell but no point it sitting there for ages. Still got it taxed this month and will use it a little to keep it ticking along nicely.
I've dropped the price a smidge more to £4395 and relisted the ad on Ebay for another 30 days. Had an offer at £4k which I am happy with but the buyer can't come for a few weeks as is working away.

Had another couple of viewings but both decided it was a little too big for what they needed and one bought an C-Class Estate and the other an A4 Avant.

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